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Chef Deanna Satterwhite

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 The Birth of Chef Care

I created Chef Care after my mother developed high blood pressure and diabetes.

Cooking for her was a challenge because i had to create all natural, healthy, southern style cuisine that was low fat, low sodium high protein meals.

One day her Doctor noticed her weight loss and other health improvements and asked what she's been doing different,

i told him about the changes i made to her diet and he asked if i offer these kinds of meals to other people with health issues ......

That was my night bulb moment i took his advice and started taking on private clients and Chef Care was born.

i took on Chef Care clients in every city i did work as The Restaurant Doctor. From Sacramento to Napa Santa Cruz to Capitola and back To Alameda Ca!

I am still offering my personal chef service, preparing all natural gourmet meals for seniors and disabled in Alameda CA

I do the shopping and cooking for those who cant cook for themselves. I can come and cook in your home or prepare your meals in a commercial kitchen and deliver them to your door

Since the launch of CCA I've been asked to do quite a few catered events. It seems approach of personal chef catering is something people enjoy because I prepare the food for each event as if I were preparing it for one person in their home 

For their friends and family. 

Chef Care 2

is  like no other catering establishment around!

I create each clients menu from scratch 

using fresh, all natural and organic ingredients hand picked by me or delivered to my door by a professional food service distributor.

I shop locally at farmers market or natural foods grocers and look for unique colorful and flavorful seasonal ingredients 

You choose the cuisine

American, Mexican, Asian, Italian, Indian, Southern Style, Cajun, Thai, Vegan, Vegetarian and Raw Food Menus 

You Choose the style of service you want 

Hors DOurves, Buffet, Family Style, Pop Up Lunch, Box Lunch, Formal Plated

I create menu choices for you to choose from that fit your budget  

 I will help you through the process of choosing the things you need to make your event, menu, and food presentation special 

my business is very small, down to earth, simple and uncomplicated 

I love the work I do and I pass that love on to my clients

Chef Care 2 is Custom Catering 

each menu is unique so you don't have to choose your meals from an old, pre set catering menu

that everyone else in town has already experienced

I work with your budget and never waver on price or add extra fees for same cost menu changes

I can help with just the food or help you plan an entire event